Tony Gilham
Team Hard

Race days

This is a must for all car fanatics as it is your opportunity to live your dream of becoming a Racing driver for the day!

Tony Gilham Racing will be the first company in the UK and possibly Europe to offer a purpose built race day experience for both companies and individuals.

Exclusive venue hire Drive our corporate cars on a dedicated raceway with pro-driver training.

The day includes

  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch
  3. All day refreshments
  4. Time Trials-
  5. 0-60
  6. 0-100
  7. 0-100-0
  8. Slalom
  9. Top Speed
  10. Lap time & trial
  11. Handling

  12. Ending the day with your chance to race in heats and finals in order to compete for the overall winner on the day.

    Please call for more information.

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