Tony Gilham
Team Hard



28-29 April

Thruxton, Andover, Hampshire SP11 8PN
Tel: 01264 882200
Length: 2.36 miles
Number of laps: 16
Distance: 37.76 miles

Thruxton Circuit is a motor racing circuit near the village of Thruxton in Hampshire, England.

Originally built in 1940 as RAF Thruxton, a World War II airfield and home to both the RAF and USAF, it was used for troop-carrying aircraft and gliders during the D-Day landings. In 1946 it was decommissioned and from 1950 it was used for motorsport. Motorcycling was the first sport to be staged there, with motor racing following in 1952.

Thruxton has a fully equipped medical centre in line with Motor Sports Association standards. The chief medical officer is Dr Jonathan Whelan (2006 – Present).

The MSA circuit licence requires a minimum of two doctors and two rescue units for a race meeting. Most meetings are operated with three rescue units plus a medical car, along with ambulances and first aiders.

Owing to planning restrictions, the circuit can only run 12 days of motorsport each year.
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