Tony Gilham
Team Hard



22-23 September

Mitchell Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 5AF
Tel: 01536 500500
Length: 1.94 miles
Number of laps: 16
Distance: 31.04

Rockingham is the UK’s most modern motorsport venue and Europe’s fastest racing circuit.

Located in Northamptonshire, Rockingham falls under the control of two local authorities. The main entrance is in Corby but the actual track is situated in East Northamptonshire.

Rockingham is Europe’s fastest banked oval racing circuit and is the first purpose-built banked oval in the UK since Brooklands in 1907. It has an all-seating capacity of 52,000, and has both an oval (North American style), and a road circuit (most common in European countries).

The length of the oval circuit is a total of 1.47 mi (2.37 km), and the length of the main road course is 1.94 mi (3.12 km).
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