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Barley Shows Potential on his Debut

Barley Shows Potential on his Debut

Apr 3, 2013
Oulton Park, rounds 1 + 2 of the APR VW Cup, or as they should have been named, cold + colder!

This was set to be one of the most competitive race weekends I’ve faced, and possibly one of the most exciting. Qualifying was about to prove that!

New tyres all round, a cold track and a lack of experience meant that I simply didn’t get anywhere near the potential I showed in the earlier test. 21st would be my starting position.

Race 1. ‘I’ve got to move up from here’ I’m thinking to myself. Me and that end of the collection area don’t get on well! The race was, in my eyes a success. After a positive start and some good overtakes I finished in 14th. I was over the moon. I knew this gave me a good shot for race 2.

In between the fabulous lunch put on by the championship and a ‘class of 2013’ photo shoot it was time for race 2. 14th isn’t exactly the second row but its certainly a nicer place to start. I felt if things went my way I could crack the acclaimed top 10. Another good get away off the line stood me well but sadly the top 10 were slightly out of my reach today. I’d have to settle for 13th.

Since the weekend I’ve looked at my onboard video and can see where I need to change, but I look forward to going through it with the established drivers that I’m surrounded by. Who else can ask Tom Onslow Cole, Jack Goff or Tony Gilham to take a look at my lines and technique. Being part of team HARD. is incredible.

With more aggression, want, and experience for the next round I know I will keep going forward. There’s no other option.

I’d like to thank the mechanics who braved the cold on the day, and got my car to where it is today, and congratulate team mate David Sutton on an incredible debut. I’m proud to have come second against him in the scholarship. He’s set for big things, I just hope I can keep up!

Tom #47 @barley_racing

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