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Team-HARD. 200

Team-HARD. 200

Jun 19, 2012
Ever thought what it would be like to travel at 200mph+??

Well Tony Gilham and Team-HARD. are proud to offer you the opportunity to find out!!!!

The day will consist of tuition in a road going vehicle to show you how to approach the corner before the 2 mile straight. Then the same in a couple of supercars, this will give you the confidence to attack it in the car that we know will push you beyond the BIG 200MPH!!

All of the above is available at a special offer price of £399 for this unique opportunity.

The day will consist of:
1. An instructor will take a few people out in a road going standard car and show you all how to line the car up to attack the 2 mile straight.

2. With an instructor along side you, you will take the wheel of an Arial Atom and attack the straight, we all know that you will not hit 200mph in this but the experience will be fantastic (I’m sure you can imagine going flat out with no windscreen) and will give you a good indication of what to expect.

3. With an instructor along side you, again you will take the wheel of a supercar to try and hit terminal velocity. again we know that the car will not do 200mph but we need to be sure that you can handle a car at those speeds.

4. And this is where it gets interesting . . . this time the instructor will be Touring car driver Tony Gilham, you will take the wheel of a Gumpert Apollo S. We know this car is more than capable of hitting the BIG 200, being only 1 of 2 in the country will give you an opportunity to drive a car that is more exclusive than a Bugatti Veyron, to speeds 3 time the national speed limit.

The day will be recorded onto an SD card for you to take home and show all of your friends and family.

Next available date 2nd August 2012

If you would like more information please visit or call 01322 278904

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